Nifty Sax Spheres

Music from a higher dimension.

Music NFTs on Ethereum.


Rarities revealed!

Now trading on OpenSea.

Nifty Sax Spheres on OpenSea

Now available on Spotify and all other streaming platforms.

Meditative, solo saxophone.


55 pieces

10 in edition of 10
9 in edition of 9
8 in edition of 8
7 in edition of 7
6 in edition of 6
5 in edition of 5
4 in edition of 4
3 in edition of 3
2 in edition of 2

Only One


1 of 1


The rarities are determined by number of editions and color of the visuals.

1 of 10Classic
1 of 9 Classic
1 of 8 Classic
1 of 7 Classic
1 of 6 Classic
1 of 5 Classic
1 of 4Rainbow
1 of 3Ghost
1 of 2Gold
1 of 1Special


The audio-reactive videos are created by visualizing the frequency spectrum of the music in each token.

Outer ring: 20Hz to 800Hz
Middle ring: 800Hz to 1200Hz
Center ring: 1200Hz to 2400Hz


Each music piece is named after one of the 55 brightest stars in our visible universe.

Mint Price:

0.03 ETH


Nifty Sax Spheres was the first collection of its kind in many regards:

The first non-generative, collectible music with rarity traits, with a blind mint on the Ethereum blockchain.
The first ERC-721 collection to mint solos from an instrumentalist.
It was sold out in less than 12 hours.

Nowadays Music NFT collectibles are commonplace but it wasn’t so at the time of the release of Spheres (September 19, 2021).

The ability to sell my music as NFTs has changed my life.
I create the music my heart truly needs to create, without compromise.
Directly from me to you.

I now strive to keep growing the music NFT community, keep innovating and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible for musicians on the blockchain.

Musica Universalis

The harmony of the spheres is an ancient concept.
Our soul can hear the sound of the cosmos, which is playing in the ether.

Have a taste:

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Nifty Sax Spheres on OpenSea


Spheres holders enjoy ever growing benefits including free mints of my projects (like the upcoming Synergy), free admission at any of my live shows and priority for a consultation or collaboration with me.
Upon request I also provide stems of any of my recordings.
Plus, holding Spheres grants the collector a non-exclusive commercial license to remix and re-use the music.

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