Nifty Sax Genesis

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Human “Generative” Music via Saxophone Solos.

Created by a human, improvising on saxophone.

Nifty Sax Genesis is an intimate look at the soul of an artist, distilled in 100 auditory experiences.

How it all happens:

The “algorithm” that generates the pieces has been created through music programming (via studies, research and experiences) on human wetware (my brain) over the span of 25 years.
I access this algorithm through psychedelics and I let go of all judgment and control. Music takes over.

I then start playing and follow the stream of consciousness until it reaches an exit point.

The result is a unique recording that can never be replicated.

The recording is then minted in its entirety as a 1 of 1 Non-Fungible Token on the Ethereum blockchain.

I do not allow myself to edit the pieces. The music is a pure expression of that particular moment in time.


Only 100 solos have been created and none will ever be added to the collection.

Number #1 starts at 0.01 ETH.
The value of each consequent release increases by 0.01 ETH.
Number #100 is valued at 1 ETH.

The collector also receives unlockable content which includes the audio file plus a completely raw, unprocessed version of it (no reverb, EQ etc.), which they are free to edit as they please or use for their own projects (with credit to the original).

Naming Structure:

Each piece has three distinctive characteristics and a unique title.
The titles are alphabetic and structured (with some exceptions) as follows:

Nifty Sax: Genesis #1 – A****** A******
Nifty Sax: Genesis #2 – B****** B******

The first word is an adjective and the second is a crypto reference.


The pieces are very different from one another.
They go from peaceful and traditional to dissonant and experimental.

The collection can be searched by number, title, characteristic and length (in seconds) on this page: Search the Collection.

Nifty Sax: Genesis Cover Art

• 75 Special covers by various NFT artists.
• 25 OG covers (psychedelic sax) by Kate Alexandria.

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