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Who is Nifty Sax?

Nifty Sax is my alter ego.

I’m Milo Lombardi, a 33 year old Saxophonist, Composer and Music Director.
I’ve been a musician all my life, studied classical and jazz, graduated from a top institution, received awards, played in front of 1000s of people.

I now create music NFTs using my saxophone as the only medium.

A focused exploration of creativity and inspiration, using the only instrument that allows me to express myself better than I could ever do with words.

I’ve always loved expression, music and digital technology.

Creating music on blockchain with my sax is the culmination of my career as an artist.

I love my life.
I am free.

I wish to create value through music.

Inspiration lives in the ether!

My Collections

Nifty Sax: Genesis

“Generative” Music

Created by a human, improvising on saxophone.

Visit Genesis

Nifty Sax: Spheres

Music from a higher dimension

Meditative, solo saxophone music.

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Nifty Sax: Loops & Collaborations

Layered sax loops & exclusive collabs

1/1 pieces on Foundation

Visit @NiftySax on Foundation