Nifty Sax Title Explainers

OK, I ended up having a bit too much fun with these.. 😅

They actually don’t explain that much after all and I may have made way too many dad jokes, but here are the “title explainers”.

For more serious definitions you can click on each term and it’ll take you to a glossary.

And in case you need to look up some adjectives here’s a good resource for that:

Here we go:
Table of Contents
1 Arcane Architect

              Where it all starts. Look up Arcane in dictionary.

2 Balmy Business

              No Monkey business here. Look up Balmy in dictionary.

3 Conscious Cryptonight

              Alright, tonight we’re researching some cryptos and not watching old Superman movies. Look up Cryptocurrency in crypto glossary.

4 Definitely DYOR

              Definitely Do Your Own Research (before investing in cryptocurrencies). Look up DYOR in crypto glossary.

5 Earthbound Elon

              Elon Musk is an alien stranded on planet earth. Look up Elon Musk on Google.

6 Formidable FOMO

              Bro, what if this crypto shoots to the moon?! Look up FOMO in crypto glossary.

7 Gaussian Gas

              Gas is so expensive on Ethereum! (A Gaussian function in math has a very distinctive bell curve). Look up Gas in crypto glossary.

8 Hush-Hush HODL

              Shut up and HODL!!! Look up HODL in crypto glossary.

9 Immoral Instamine

              Alright, token created, now let’s pump and rug-pull everyone! Long live the devs! Look up Instamine in crypto glossary.

10 Juicy JPEG


11 Kantian Kantina

              A very ethical cantina, where meals are inherently good, whether you like them or not. Look up Immanuel Kant on Wikipedia.

12 Ludicrous Lambo

              Brooooooo. Look up Lambo in crypto glossary.

13 Mercurial MetaMusk

              MetaMask is a good browser wallet but this one Musky. Look up MetaMask in crypto glossary.

14 Nude Node

              Look up Node in crypto glossary.

15 OK Oracle

              Ok Google, let’s do an NFT! Look up Oracles in crypto glossary.

16 Permissionless Polka

              You can dance but I won’t like it! Look up Permissionless in crypto glossary

17 Queer Quantum

              Heeyyyyy, we’re here, and we’re doing Quantum computing now.

18 Remarkably Rare

              Better than SuperRare.

19 Shiny Satoshi

              Look up Satoshi in crypto glossary.

20 Tantric Testnet

              Alright, let’s breathe, relax, and test this new crypto. Look up Testnet in crypto glossary

21 Uber User

              Super User, the ultimate geek.

22 Very Volatile

              Here today, gone tomorrow. Cryptocurrency prices are very volatile.

23 Wei Wei

              Look up Wei in crypto glossary. (Alternatively Look up Wei Wei, the artist)

24 Xenophobic Xenomorph

              This alien has had enough of Aliens! Look up the movie Alien (1979)

25 Yeasty Yield

              Hey, what happend to my yield, it’s all gooey.. eww. Look up Yield in crypto glossary

26 Zero Zero Zero Zero


27 Attractive Altcoin

              Yo bro, check out this altcoin. Look up altcoin in crypto glossary.

28 Boisterous Bull

              To the mooooon! This bullrun will never end! Look up bull in crypto glossary.

29 Counterfeit Cash

              Wait, this bills are fake! I wish I got paid in crypto!

30 Dusty Dildo

              Hellooo, haven’t seen you in a while. Look up Dildo in crypto glossary.

31 Ethereal Emission

              Ups, sorry, it was the dog..! Look up Emission in crypto glossary.

32 Fugly Fiat

              Ugh, disgusting dollar. Look up Fiat in crypto glossary.

33 Gelid Gateway

              Hey, gatekeepers! Let me in! Look up gateway in tech glossary.

34 Hormonal Hacking

              An Irritable Hacker. Look up Hacking in crypto glossary.

35 Insatiable Inflation

              The government knows. Look up Inflation in Wikipedia.

36 Jazzy JSON

              I’m a nerd and I like jazz. Look up JSON in tech glossary.

37 Kinky KYC

              How well do they want to know us..? Look up KYC in crypto glossary.

38 1337 l34d3r

              w3lc0m3 70 7h3 3l337. 1 4m y0u l34d3r. Look up Leet in tech glossary.

39 Martian Mainnet

              Mars babyy! Look up Mainnet in crypto glossary.

40 Nonstop NFTs

              Can’t stop, won’t stop. Want more NFTs. Look up NFT in crypto glossary.

41 o_O

              uh, oh.. What..? o_O

42 Pretty Punk

              Sexy and wild. Look up CryptoPunks in Wikipedia.

43 Quirky QWERTY

              qwertz, f@#k! Damn German keyboard layout! Look up QWERTY in Wikipedia.

44 Rambunctious Retweet

              I’m gonna retweet you, but I’m gonna make a fuss about it. Look up Retweet in… Twitter? 😅

45 Sly Scrypt

              My mining is more energy efficient than yours! Look up Scrypt in crypto glossary.

46 Techno Troll

              Boots and cats and boots and cats and boots and cats. Look up Troll in tech glossary.

47 Unkempt Unicorn

              This unicorn has seen some shit. 🥴

48 Voluptuous Validator

              Hey there sexy, could you please confirm this transaction? Look up Validator in crypto glossary.

49 Wizardly Whale

              I got money and I know how to make more. Look up Whale in crypto glossary.

50 Xtra Xanax

              AAAAAAAHH!! WHERE THE F@#K ARE MY PILLS!! Look up Xanax in Wikipedia.

51 Yummy Yottabyte

              Mmhh, I’m hungry for more data. Look up Yottabyte in tech glossary.

52 Zesty Zip

              This is some tasty archive. Look up Zip in tech glossary.

53 Antsy Ape

              I’m putting all my savings into cryptos that I just heard about. Look up Crypto Ape meme on Google.

54 Bumbling Bear

              This Bear is not gonna stand for long. Look up Bear in crypto glossary.

55 Cool Coin

              Cool factor 1000.

56 Deify DeFi

              DeFi is love DeFi is life. Look up DeFi in crypto glossary.

57 Eggsplosive Egg

              There’s a certain Egg who’s explosivity is changing the NFT space. Look up @ThisIsAito on Twitter.

58 F#@k FUD

              You ain’t getting me with your fear tactics! …wait, should I sell..? Look up FUD in crypto glossary.

59 Gargantuan Gains

              Some fat, fat gains on my cryptos. Look up Gains in crypto glossary.

60 Hedonistic Halving

              Splitting myself in half, and loving every minute of it. Look up Halving in crypto glossary.

61 Impure Inbox

              I wouldn’t want my mom to see this..

62 Jingly Java

              I like the sound of that Java, it jingles. Look up Java in tech glossary.

63 Killer Keylogger

              A keylogger to rule them all. Beware, it’s gonna get your passwords! Look up Keylogger in tech glossary.

64 Lewd Ledger

              Boy, these are some dirty records! Look up Ledger in crypto glossary.

65 Melodramatic Maxi

              Bitcoin is the best and you suck!! Look up Bitcoin Maximalism in Investopedia glossary.

66 Naughty Nonce

              You dirty, dirty, unique number you. Look up Nonce in crypto glossary.

67 Obscenely Overbought

              No way these prices will hold, this is obscene. Look up Overbought in crypto glossary.

68 Predictive Protocol

              I see the future… Maybe?

69 QQ

              Text me on qq. Look up qq on Google.

70 Raunchy Readme

              Woah, didn’t expect to see that here! Look up readme in tech glossary.

71 Super Seed

              Cool seed phrase! Look up Seed Phrase in crypto glossary.

72 Tantalizing Tps

              Look at these Transactions per Second, this is the future of crypto! Look up TPS in crypto glossary.

73 Universal Unity

              After all we’re all one.

74 Vampy Vaporware

              This software isn’t going anywhere, but it’s sexy! Look up Vaporware in crypto glossary.

75 Wise Wojak

              Nobody knows that he owns this NFT. Look up Wojak meme on Wikipedia.



77 Yelling YOLO

              Leeeeeerooooy Jenkins. Look up YOLO on Wikipedia.

78 Zzz Zzz


79 Artful Arbitrage

              Buy, sell, repeat. It’s an art form. Look up Arbitrage in crypto glossary.

80 Beautiful Bitcoin

              The prettiest of them all. Look up Bitcoin in crypto glossary.

81 Cuddly Cypherpunk

              This Cypherpunk just wants some love. Look up Cypherpunk in crypto glossary.

82 Deez Diamonds

              Diamond Hands… Deez Diamond.. Nuts? Look up Diamond Hands on Google.

83 Exotic Exchange

              A tropical trading experience. Look up Exchange in crypto glossary.

84 Foxy Fork

              We’re going another way now, and doing it in style! Look up Fork in crypto glossary.

85 Gorgeous Genesis

              A beautiful beginning. Look up Genesis Block in crypto glossary.

86 Hefty Hash

              This is some heavy hash. We’re gonna get hiiiiiiiiii. Look up Hash in crypto glossary.

87 Inherent Infinity

              Mystery of the soul.

88 Ja Ja

              Ha Ha… or… Yes Yes?

89 Key Key

              The most essential key, the key key.

90 Lovely Liquidity

              I can cash out and nothing will happen to you. Look up Liquidity in crypto glossary.

91 Magnetic Memelord

              These memes are making me thirsty!

92 Nifty Noob

              She might be new here, but she’s hella nifty.

93 Online Offline

              I’m going out. Ok, let me check Twitter for a second.

94 Post-Punk Pak

              Pak, Post CryptoPunks. Look up @muratpak on Twitter.

95 Quasi Quitting

              Ok, that’s it, I’m done… Or am I?

96 Raking ROI

              I put in a hundred dollars and now I’m a millionaire. Look up ROI in crypto glossary.

97 Successful Sharding

              Oh no… Maybe it was the mexican food. Look up Sharding in crypto glossary.

98 Tasty Token

              Delicious! Look up Token in crypto glossary.

99 Unabashedly Unbankable

              Banks don’t want me and I don’t care. Look up Unbanked in crypto glossary.